TinyPICO Play Shield - Limited!


TinyPICO Play Shield - Limited!


TinyPICO Play Shield

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The Play Shield was designed to be a multi-purpose board that can be used for all sorts of activities like prototyping output, experimentation, and even games. It has lots of goodies on it, including:

  • 128x64 white OLED

  • 3-axis accelerometer

  • Light sensor

  • Mono amplifier

  • Magnetic buzzer

  • Blue LED

  • Four input buttons + reset button

  • LiPo connector plus power switch

  • Headers for your TinyPICO to plug right into

Play Shield Pinout


If you power the Play Shield and TinyPICO from the shield JST connector, you can use the slide switch on the shield to power down everything. Make sure you have the switch turned on, though, if you want to charge the battery when the USB cable is plugged in.