Below is a list of shields and add-on boards being made by other people.

We’ll be adding more as time goes on, so check back every now and then to see what’s new!

Pico VGA

The Pico VGA, by bitluni labs, allows you to connect a standard VGA display to the micro controller and display super fast graphics using his ESP32Lib Arduino library. Text, drawing functions, sprites, a 3D-engine and game controller support... What else do you need? The Pico VGA supports only 6 and 3 Bit colour modes. A line out connector allows to connect an audio amplifier for sound output.


The Pico VGA is available on tindie in kit form, partially assembled and fully assembled - How cool is that!

TinyPICO Matrix Shield

Brian Lough has released his TinyPICO Matrix Shield on Tindie. The board allows you to use your TinyPICO to drive one of the awesome 64x32 RGB LED matrix displays with no wiring needed. Just plug his board into your display and then plug the TinyPICO into it!


Brian also has an Arduino Tetris clock library and it's pretty awesome!